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marathon oil

Based in Houston, Texas, Marathon Oil operates in North America, Europe and Africa. Each of Marathon’s three reportable operating segments is organized based upon both geographic location and the nature of the products and services it offers. The three segments are:

  • North America Exploration and Production (E&P) – explores for, produces and markets crude oil and condensate, natural gas liquids (NGLs) and natural gas in North America.
  • International E&P – explores for, produces and markets crude oil and condensate, NGLs and natural gas outside of North America and produces and markets products manufactured from natural gas, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and methanol in Equatorial Guinea.
  • Oil Sands Mining – mines, extracts and transports bitumen from oil sands deposits in Alberta, Canada, and upgrades the bitumen to produce and market synthetic crude oil and vacuum gas oil.



  Sociedad Nacional de Gas de Guinea Equatorial (SONAGAS G.E. S.A.) is the National Gas Company of Equatorial Guinea created by Presidential Decree number 45/2005 on January 24th, 2005.

It is the State’s representative in all activities related to the development of natural gas resources.

SONAGAS G.E. S.A. is responsible for the diversification of gas as an energy base and for the revenues derived from gas utilization. It promotes opportunities for the development of gas projects throughout the country, but it is also allowed to participate in projects outside of Equatorial Guinea.

Objectives of SONAGAS, G.E.

  • Design, create and operate, as well as continuously evaluate any general processing, marketing and exploitation programs in the subsoil of the republic of Equatorial Guinea.
  • Serve as an agent of the Government in order to revert to the State any benefits obtained from gas processing and marketing.
  • Undertake, either individually or in partnership with other entities within or outside the national territory, any relevant activities by nature and especially and gas processing, marketing, bottling and refining activities.



Marubeni Corporation is one of Japan's largest general trading and investment companies with over 130 bases of operations in 67 countries worldwide. Marubeni employs a multinational workforce of approximately 40,000 people. Marubeni has long been engaged in business together with customers and partners all over the world in virtually every industry, through the business groups: Energy & Metals, Food & Consumer Products, Chemical & Forest Products, Power Projects & Plant and Transportation & Industrial Machinery.

  • Marubeni in the LNG Industry) – In addition to Equatorial Guinea LNG Project, Marubeni participates in 3 LNG Projects: Qatar, Peru and Papua New Guinea. LNG production capacity of the above 4 projects is about 25 million tons per year.
  • Marubeni's Corporate Values
    Marubeni is committed to satisfying its customers’ needs by dealing with various kinds of products. In the energy field, Marubeni is developing and expanding trading & marketing for petroleum products including LNG and investment on their upstream & midstream business. In addition, for considering environmental impact and contributing to the global sustainable development, Marubeni is engaged in renewable energy business; it operates several mega-solar power plants in Japan and overseas.



Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (Mitsui) is pushing forward with dynamic business development initiatives that shape the foundations of society and industry.   Utilizing our global operating locations in more than 65 countries around the world, Mitsui is multilaterally pursuing business that ranges from product sales, worldwide logistics and financing, through to the development of major international infrastructure and other projects in various fields.Since participating in the Abu Dhabi LNG project in the 1970s, Mitsui has become widely involved across the entire LNG value chain, from LNG production, to transportation and marketing. Mitsui is participating in LNG development projects throughout the world, in Equatorial Guinea, Australia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Russia, Indonesia, Mozambique, and the U.S.A.

  • Mitsui's Mission – Strive to contribute to the creation of a future where the aspirations of the people can be fulfilled.
  • Mitsui's Vision– Aim to become a global business enabler that can meet the needs of our customers' throughout the world