Human Resources – Our Mission

At EG LNG we seek to attract talented and fit for purpose, self-motivated employees, who will embrace development opportunities in order to achieve their full potential. The success of any organization is driven by its people. At EG LNG, we focus on recognizing and rewarding high performance, maximizing diversity and engagement through coaching and self-development. EG LNG maintains a transparent approach to its people responsibilities and equality, backed up with policies and procedures that complement the local laws of Equatorial Guinea.

It is the intention of EG LNG to hire the candidate that best fits the requirements of our job postings. When hiring external candidates, our recruiting process is as follows: 

  • EG LNG posts vacant positions with the Ministry of Labor.
  • The Ministry of Labor broadcasts the vacancies by radio and television Nationwide.

External candidates would need to register with the Ministry of Labor in order to apply for our vacancies.

Please continue to check this website for open job postings.

Contact the Human Resources department at: EGLNG Human Resources