Our Executives


 Simon Smith

Managing Director

Veronica Mikue Mba

Deputy Managing Director 


Carolyn Gozar

Human Resources Manager


 Carlos Ndong Sima 

Deputy Director Human Resources & Administration Manager


Dave Thornton

Operations Manager

Gaspar Mba Nchama

 Deputy Director Operations


Bryan Wallace

Engineering Manager 

 Dave Williamson

Maintenance Manager (Interim)

Manuel Alvarez

Commercial Director

 Justino Evuna Akogo Nchama

Deputy Director Commercial


 Brian Hintze

General Counsel and Secretary

 Juan Carlos Engonga Bibang

Deputy General Counsel


 Liam Crawford

Training and Development Manager

 Richard Dougan Abia 

Information Technology Manager


 Teófilo Dougan Champion

Government Affairs Manager

 Rath Subhasisha

Planning Manager


Darren Ramsey

Finance & Accounting Manager

Victoria Mbasogo Ondo 

Deputy Director Finance & Accounting



Ignacio Motobe

Health, Environmental & Safety Manager (Interim)